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101 School District Goals and Objectives


In pursuit of world-class education that results in high achievement for all Iowa students, as an effective school boards, we will:

1. VISIONARY TEAM: Operate as a visionary governance team in partnership with the superintendent.

·       Vision and Planning – Develops a shared vision and plans for student achievement that reflects common values and core beliefs of the school community.

·       Operating Practices – Uses productive practices for its own operations and development.

·       Decision-Making – Ensures board decisions are based on data and deliberation.

·       Board/Superintendent Relations – Cultivates a strong relationship and partnership with the superintendent, based on clear expectations and accountability.

 2. STUDENT LEARNING: Provide effective leadership for quality instruction and high, equitable student learning.

·       Clear Expectations – Sets and communicates high expectations for student learning with clear goals and a focus on strengthening instruction. 

·       Conditions for Success – Supports conditions for success through board actions and decisions.

·       Accountability – Holds the system accountable to reach student learning goals.

·       Collective Commitment – Builds the collective commitment of community and staff to achieve the student learning goals.

·       Team Learning – Learns together as a whole team to inform decision-making around the student learning goals.

 3. DISTRICT CULTURE: Foster a culture that enables excellence and innovation.

·       High Quality Staff – Empowers the superintendent in hiring and developing the best employees available to meet the district’s goals.

·       Shared Leadership – Supports structures that develop instructional leadership and collaboration.

·       Staff Learning – Supports research-based staff professional development aligned with district goals.

·       Environment – Fosters a safe and secure environment for all students, staff, and visitors.

 4. POLICY & LEGAL: Lead through sound policy, ensuring transparent, ethical, legal operations.

·       Policy Leadership – Develops sound, written policy to clarify the board's intent for district direction.

·       Legal – Ensures that board and district actions are in compliance with state and federal laws, appropriately addressing legal issues when they arise.

·       Ethics – Models ethical and legal behaviors which enable the board to stay focused on district goals.

·       Transparency – Establishes policies and ensures processes that are open and accountable.

 5. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Sustain and enhance district resources through planning and fiduciary oversight.

·       Financial Health – Monitors and evaluates the financial health of the district, ensuring accountability and transparency in board decision making.

·       Financial Forecasting – Ensures strong financial planning for the district.

·       Budgeting – Ensures the district budget aligns with district goals and multi-year plans.

·       Risk Oversight – Ensures sufficient risk management is in place to protect district resources.

·       Facilities –Ensures school facilities enhance and enrich student and staff learning.

6. ADVOCACY: Advocate for public education and the needs of Iowa students.

·       Championing Local Governance & Public Education – Clearly articulates and advocates for the value of public education and the important role of local school governance.

·       Legislative Advocacy – Develops and strengthens on-going relationships with policymakers around improving student achievement and the needs of public education.

·       Community Engagement – Fosters engagement and collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure high and equitable student learning.

District 2019-2020 Strategic Priorities

  1. Increased student learning and readiness
  2. High-quality curriculum, instruction and assessment in every classroom
  3. Safe and supportive learning and working environment
  4. Improved resource development and efficient management of the organization, operations and resources/facilities
  5. Family and community engagement and support

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Sustain and enhance district resources through planning and fiduciary oversight.

STUDENT/LEARNING: Provide effective leadership for quality instruction and high, equitable student learning.